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Accutane 10 mg is a brand that has shown effective results on acne. Severe cases of acne that could not be treated with antibiotics can be treated with Accutane to a considerable extent. The brand medicine is supposed to be good and produces effective results for a longer period of time. Accutane medication is most popular in the market as Isotretinoin. The main purpose of this drug is to treat acute nodular acne.

This capsule of Accutane 10 mg can also be available online in our site. People under Accutane medication have to avoid many things like alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, Vitamin A supplements etc. For this reason, taking doctor’s advice before taking Accutane is a must. If you have any psychological problems such as depression, hallucination, psychosis or suicidal tendency, taking these pills is strictly prohibited. However, in some cases, dose adjustments may also be required.

Inform your doctor if you have stomach problems, liver diseases, asthma, heart disease or diabetes. Follow the doctor’s instructions strictly.

If you ever miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. Make sure to complete your Accutane dosage to get successful results. The biggest advantage of generic Accutane capsules is that they help in the process of skin renewal.

However, some harmful side effects of Accutane intake can be like: suicidal thoughts, rashes, psychological problems, slurred speech, increased cholesterol levels etc. Therefore, the doctor may ask you to do blood tests from time to time when you are taking Accutane capsules.

As far as the dosage of Accutane capsules are concerned, the doctor will be the best person to tell you. You need to swallow the capsule with glass of plain water. Do not suck or chew it. Based on the effect of Accutane on your acne, the doctor will either decrease or increase the dosage. In most of the times, people are advised to start with lower dosages then increase the amount gradually.

A ‘rest period’ is recommended by the doctor once your Accutane course is complete. Most of the times, Accutane is taken tow times in a day or as prescribed by the medical professional. Accutane is simply a retinoid. It changes the nature of the skin oil. It should be kept out of reach of children. Most peopled who used generic Accutane were satisfied with its results. On the other hand, some people reported that it produced some harmful side effects as mentioned before. Therefore, be very careful while taking the medicine.