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Acne is a pretty unpleasant problem of skin. When it comes to severe acne, it needs to be treated in many cases with different medications and special approaches. There are different reasons why acne may appear. In young people this problems is considered to be naturally due to the awkward age. However, if there is a problem of severe acne it may be a sign of different problems that need to be treated.

There are different methods and medications that can be used to fight this problems and using Accutane is one of them. Although this medication is pretty effective for the treatment of this problem, it should only be used in case if other medications are not helpful. Accutane is a certain form of vitamin A. This medication helps in preventing the excessive release of oil in skin. Moreover, this mediation also helps in renewing the skin. This medication cannot be used by everyone and generally it should be used very carefully and wisely.

Accutane Dosage Information

You should only use it, it so is recommended by your healthcare provider.  There are lots of different factors that need to be taken to attention for choosing the right dosage for particular patient. The weight of a patient among other factors is taken to attention. Thus, usually this medication is prescribed in the dosage of 0.5-1 mg per 1 kg. You will need to take this medication two times a day. In order to get a result after the use of this medication, it needs to be taken during certain period of time without breaks. Usually, one course of the use of this medication lasts for about 15-20 weeks.  You may be prescribed with some dosage of this medication at the beginning of your treatment but with the course of time this dosages may be altered.  If you use this medication, you should only use it as your healthcare provider told you to.

You may not be allowed to use this medication if you have the following health problems: diabetes, asthma, an eating disorder, liver problems, bone disorders, and others.

You may have side effects if you use this medication, including aggression, agitation, changes in behavior, depressed mood, hallucinations, trouble concentrating, sleep problems and others.  do not take this medication if you are pregnant.

Drug interaction

There are 76 medications that can interact with Accutane.

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