How Does It Work?

While there are some disturbing reports of the Accutane side effects, there is no doubt that the results of accutane medication on those afflicted with acne are nothing less than dramatic. Even for those afflicted with severe acne, the administering of accutane in either high doses over a short time period or low doses over a longer time can cause the dreaded acne to clear up very fast!

So how does accutane work?

Accutane is a powerful drug that can work wonders as it is capable of accomplishing several different tasks that other medicines can not and it can deliver this mixture of positive results all at the same time.

Here are some of the positive benefits of taking accutane.

Reduce Oil Production

Excess sebum oil is the primary cause of acne and accutane can effectively reduce the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous glands.

Reduce the Size of the Sebaceous Glands

This is another miracle effect of accutane.  It can reduce the actual size of the sebaceous glands and as a result less oil is produced.

Decrease the Buildup of Cells

Accutane can effectively decrease the amount of dead cell buildup over time and that is the primary cause of whiteheads and blackheads.

Kills Acne Bacteria

Accutane can kill off acne bacteria that contribute to the formation of infected, pus filled pimples. Even bacteria deep inside the core layers of the skin can be killed during the course of the treatment.

Reduce inflammation

Accutane reduces the inflammation of the skin that occurs as a result of acne infections. It results in smoother looking skin.

The size of the sebaceous gland can slowly grow in size when you discontinue the course of accutane intake but it will never get back to its original size.  This may be a disadvantage as you get older. Wrinkling and signs of premature ageing are a common sight on those who take accutane.  This is one dreaded Accutane side effect you should be aware of before you decide to embark on this journey.

As a result of the rising number of Accutane side effects lawsuits, the use of this drug has been discontinued.  In many cases patients are filing accutane lawsuits to recover some of the losses they have encountered as well as for damages due to the pain and suffering they have been through during the course of this treatment.

It seems that the benefits of accutane administration are considered less desirable than the Accutane side effects. There is also the possibility of patients who experience no positive benefits from taking accutane having to endure all of the negative side effects of the drug. Therefore, it is best to start with the smallest dose possible and be acutely aware of the changes that are happening to your body.

Sometimes, your acne will tend to get worse before it gets better.