The Dangers of Accutane

An Accutane side effect is a very real threat and should not be discarded as a minor problem that deserves no further explanation and discussion.  There have been many occurrences of people suffering from the adverse side effects of Accutane and the number of Accutane lawsuits has been rising for the past few years. It is good to be aware of the possible side effects of Accutane and prepare for any possible Accutane side effects.  It is best to learn how to avoid these where possible and find ways to overcome them if they arise during the course of your treatment with Accutane.

The alarming number of Accutane lawsuits has also been a strong testament that the threat of Accutane side effects is both real and frightening.

What to Avoid When Taking Accutane

Avoid Vitamin A Consumption

Vitamin A consumption should be avoided as Accutane itself is a derivate of Vitamin A and taking additional amounts of this vitamin can cause excess buildup in the blood stream and adverse Accutane side effects would be observed in no time.  This is the vitamin that can cause birth defects in pregnant women, so avoid taking vitamin A supplements if you’re currently on Accutane and are pregnant.

Do Not Donate Blood

Those who are on accutane should not donate blood as the presence of accutane in the donated blood will cause birth defects if the receiver is a pregnant woman.

Avoid Artificial Tanning

Those on accutane may be extra sensitive to ultra violet rays from tanning bed lights or sunlamps.  Avoid this if you have chosen to be treated with Accutane. This is one of the many Accutane side effects you should avoid.

Avoid Facials

Those taking Accutane should avoid facial treatments, microdermabrasions and laser hair removals as it could cause permanent scarring on the skin due to the hypersensitive state of the skin after taking Accutane. This is another Accutane side effect you should be aware of.

Impaired Vision

Another serious Accutane side effect is the possibility of having impaired vision.  This could be life-threatening in some cases if your work needs you to have accurate and clear vision.  It could also cause discomfort and inconvenience when driving, especially if you’re driving at night. The best way to avoid accutane side effects is to find safer and better alternatives.  Talk to your doctor if you need to have Accutane administered and make sure you understand the possible Accutane side effects.